A Guide To Breeding & Boarding Catteries

Catteries are boarding establishments where pet cats are cared for by professionals. The establishments are categorised into two: breeding catteries where cats are bred for commercial or recreational purposes and boarding catteries where they are hosted upon the owner’s request. Catteries are used by cat owners when they are unable to look after their pets. Therefore, cat owners often consider catteries when they travel, when they are gravely ill or hospitalised, if their home is undergoing construction, and when they moving, among other reasons, that prevents them from personally caring for their cats. Pet owners look for facilities that provide quality care for their animals.

For cat lovers who are looking for establishments to admit their cats, the first aspect to consider is the legitimacy of the establishment. A good cattery should be legally registered and licensed under the local authority. Legitimacy is an assurance that the boarding house has undergone the required inspection and that it’s running has been approved. A licensed cattery runs under the set safety and hygiene regulations and this is an assurance of security and health of the pet and the validity of the business and its staff.

Secondly, a cat owner should consider the available space. A good cattery is spacious, well ventilated, clean, well-equipped with facility and personnel, and has a manageable number of cats. All these characteristics promote quality care of the animal and ensures that the needs of cat are met appropriately. The cat can rest, feed, receive treatment and exercise comfortably in such a setting. In addition, there should isolation spaces and precaution measures for animals with diseases to prevent healthy cats from getting infected or other potential harm. Therefore, another quality to consider is the emergency response set up. A good cattery is always prepared to respond to emergencies and to protect the pets from potential harm such as, security concerns or fire. A record of all its occupants, their conditions and progress over time is a good start.

Another aspect cat owners can consider while choosing a cattery is the services provided.  Apart from adequate space and basic care, a good cattery should provide additional a services that are essential in a cat’s quality of life. The services may include grooming, training, bathing, vaccination and veterinary services. In the same light, an individual should consider what other animals are housed within the same facility and how they have been separated from one another. Cats require comfort, hiding, walking and playing spaces and isolation from dogs. It is crucial to look for a cattery that provides all round care for the comfort of your pet.

Lastly, one should consider the rates of the facility by other users. A good rating indicates that the facility is popular and has been effective for other cat lovers. Consider its affordability and accessibility and pay a visit before admitting your cat. Consider its terms and conditions and the regulations for cat owners about visitation and what special or individual items are allowed in the facility.