Answers to a Few Important Questions Related to Dog Euthanasia

If you have a pet dog in your household, soon it becomes an important member of your family. Though the pet dog may not communicate to you in a human language, however, with its expressions and mannerism. it can effectively communicate with you very effectively.

A pet dog can be a great stress buster for you and is considered to be man’s best friend and will ever remain loyal and faithful to you. However, when you consider at home euthanasia Westchester NY for your pet dog, then it is certainly a very emotional decision to take for the whole family.

Let us try to answer some of the common questions that may be in your mind under such a situation.

  1. How my dog will be euthanized?

Mostly, dogs will be euthanized with an intravenous injection. Basically, an overdose of a drug will be given to make the pet unconscious. Soon, part of the brain of your dog will tell that his heart is beating, which will also shut down and death will come.

Usually, the injection will be offered into the vein and will take 30 to 60 seconds for giving the injection. By the time vet finishes the injection the dog will die.

  1. Whether this process will be painful for my dog?

Your dog will simply experience the needle of the injection when it will be pierced into the body and after that, all is over.  Since your dog must have faced injection many times before and hence it will not be anything new for your dog to bear it.

  1. How will I know it is the right time to take such a decision?

As such your dog is not afraid to die. Your dog will communicate to you that it is now time to depart, in its own way that due to our emotions we fail to pick the message.  The following are the signs that its last days are near:

  • Will stop eating and drinking
  • Prefer to hide and remain alone
  • You can notice changes in the normal behavior
  • Unable to do all the favorite things that were normal before
  • Evidence of pain
  • Stop responding to your call.
  1. What to expect after my dog dies?

Your dog is likely to do any or all the following things before death:

  • Eyes may remain open as they may not close after death
  • They may sometimes pass urine or also may defecate
  • All their muscles will be relaxed
  • A few dogs may also take a deep breath.

However, your dog will not know anything.

  1. What is going to happen to the body of my dog?

You have a choice of taking the body and doing cremation or you can ask the vet to do that. The choice is entirely yours and based on your decision the arrangements will be done.

If your pet dog is also in a similar situation then you can visit the website and discuss with them about your pet dog.