How to Clean an Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

The cleanliness of your rabbit hutch is vital, and there is no second opinion about it. Over time, the accumulation of pee and droppings might create germs that can cause diseases in your bunny or even flystrike (aphthous ulcers) when flies lay eggs on the rabbit and the eggs hatch into larvae. Maintaining your rabbit’s house should be your main responsibility.

Here the main question arises that how to clean a rabbit hutch?

Cleaning a rabbit hutch has no hard and fast rules. You may clean the hutch whenever you want. Cleaning the hutch every day will not be a hassle. To keep your rabbit healthy, be sure to remove any old food or filthy bedding from the hutch and clean the drip tray every day. Once a week, wash the hutch, drop tray, and food dishes using a stiff-bristled brush and soapy water.

Tips for cleaning an outdoor rabbit hutch:

AIVITUVIN provides you with a diverse range of affordable indoor and outdoor rabbit houses according to your desire and demand. When cleaning your bunny’s house, you have to deal with a lot of rubbish, excrement, and urine. To keep your bunny’s hutch germ-free, follow these instructions to clean the hutch:

  • Cleaning your rabbits’ hutch regularly will save you time cleaning it. It is recommended to plan cleaning sessions more often since you will only help yourself if you clean their hutch more frequently.
  • Clean the leftovers once a day to maintain the hygiene standards high. To avoid significant health issues, it is essential to clean your rabbit’s cage as frequently as you can.
  • A rabbit’s metabolism is quick. Thus it has to be fed and watered often. But the contaminated water from the hutch must also be drained. If the hatch is open, you must be particularly vigilant since moisture can gather and produce undesired issues if not addressed promptly.
  • Disinfect your rabbit’s cage once a week. It would involve using rabbit-safe products or natural disinfectants like apple vinegar. Wash your rabbit’s toys with freshwater from time to time.

Hopefully, now you are clear about how to clean an outdoor rabbit hutch, and you’ll utilize some of the suggestions above.