It’s a hot summer, and you have experienced how relaxing it is to be on the beach, so you are thinking of taking your dog with you. Maybe, you are not sure how to go about it and how your dog will behave. Well, here is a guide on how to introduce your dog to the beach for the first time.

Look for a dog-friendly beach.

Not all beaches will allow you in with a dog, so the first thing should be to find a dog-friendly beach. Fortunately, there may be some within only a driving distance. When you find one, check out their policies and be ready to observe all the restrictions. Since you will probably drive your pet to the beach, ensure you have all the safety equipment for driving with dogs.

Train your dog how to swim

Do not assume that your dog is an automatic swimmer, especially if you haven’t taken it to a swimming pool before. If it has never dived in a pool before, consider some swimming lessons for pets. When you take your puppy to the beach, be careful if it doesn’t know how to swim and start by training it bit by bit as you enjoy your time together.

Provide shade and freshwater

If you will be on the beach for a long time, provide a shade for your dog for a restful nap and carry freshwater for hydration. Remember that the beach may be a hard exercise for your dog, and the hot temperatures may dehydrate it. Bring a drinking bowl for your puppy and give it water from time to time. When it gets fatigued, let it relax in the shade for some time.

Find an area with calm water.

Even if your pet dog is a good swimmer, steer clear of choppy water or where there are rough waves. Remember that rip tides and severe water waves can be overwhelming to your dog, not to mention that it can be dangerous. Have extra safety equipment, such as a dog life vest for safety reasons.

Watch what your dog drinks.

Dogs love drinking salty water but ensure you be on the lookout for that if you don’t want to deal with their upsetting tummies and diarrhea later on. It can be dangerous if your dog never has drunk salty water before. Keep on providing it with fresh and cold water so that it is not tempted to drink the salty beach waters.

Carry sunscreen made for pets

If your dog is light-skinned, short-haired, or freshly shaven, it is susceptible to sunburns due to the hot sun at the beach. Look for sunscreen made for pets and apply it on the skin, especially the ears and nose. Or you can suit it up with a cloth made to protect it from harmful sun rays. It is also best to plan early and take your dog to the beach at a time of the day when there is no intense sun.

Be on the lookout for dangerous items.

Things such as broken glass, rocks, or garbage pose a significant danger to your dog. Keep an eye on your dog at all times and have it wear dog booties or walk it where there is wet sand.

Rinse well

After the beach visit, wash your dog well and rinse it with fresh water. That way, you will get rid of all the salty water that may cause irritations to your dog.