Matt Davies Harmony Communities Discovers the Benefits of Using Specialized Veterinary Pet Food


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, if you’re a new pet owner you would be forgiven if you get overwhelmed at the pet food aisle. There are “complete” and wet meals and there is specialized veterinary pet food that is sometimes prescribed by vets. Let’s check out how specialized veterinary pet food can help your pet.

The Benefits

  1. Food allergies – Humans are unique and so are dogs and cats. This holds even when the animals come from the same litter and live in the same home. If one of your dogs eats and relishes a certain pet food, it doesn’t mean that the other dog won’t have a severe physical reaction to it. If your dog has an allergic reaction to most pet foods it would have diarrhea, vomit, itchy skin, or other symptoms.

That’s where specialized veterinary pet food comes in. Your vet would recommend pet food that is made from a protein that your dog or cat hasn’t had a chance to develop an allergy to. For instance, specialized veterinary pet food may be made from venison or duck meat and have carbohydrate sources that are completely different from the usual oats and rice used in regular pet food.

  1. Dental Health – If your pet has been diagnosed with a tendency to develop severe dental issues, the vet may recommend specialized food. Usually, dental issues are linked to the age and breed of the dog. However, sometimes, it may be due to the diet. Specialized pet food is meant to clean the teeth as your pet chews on it. This is usually achieved by adding formulas or extra ingredients to the food.

This kind of specialized food is beneficial for pets that can’t sit down regularly for dental care and also benefits pets that are going through the process of tooth decay. They can also help if you don’t get enough time to clean your pet’s teeth. If dental health is left unchecked, it may lead to gum diseases, tooth problems, and more severe health issues for your pet in the future.

  1. Joint health – When your dog or cat gets older, you buy pet food made for senior dogs and cats. That food already has formulas to improve the joint health of your aging pet. However, if your young dog has problems getting around on its legs, your vet recommends supplements and specialized food.

The specialized pet food would contain ingredients like chondroitin and glucosamine that directly work on the cartilage and tendons to improve joint health. Some specialized pet food may even contain methylsulfonylmethane and green-lipped mussels. These ingredients provide treatment in small doses. They can help rebuild your pet’s damaged cartilage and even reduce joint inflammation.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you consult your veterinarian about your pet’s diet before you buy specialized veterinary pet food for your dog or cat. Otherwise, you may be feeding your pet nutrients that they don’t need and that may lead to unforeseen circumstances.