Iguana Breeding Season Aggression

Forest determined yesterday that he doesn’t love his toy any extra and killed it. We stood there in awe, the pressure that he used was unbelievable and it was scary particularly figuring out that it simply might have been one in all us. He killed it for over 20 minutes and we ultimately made a plan to get the frog away from him by pushing it with a brush out the door. He then turned to us with the identical anger show and we reversed down the passage. When he was subsequent to his room we used the broom to push him into his room and closed the door and blocked his flap so he couldn’t get out once more. The video doesn’t do any justice to the pressure he used and the way wild he was, being there and watching him was actually scary! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XD0__YSKzXM

Regardless, I nonetheless love my boy and I’m not afraid of him, we’re cautious round him as a result of he’s good one second and the subsequent a monster with very sharp tooth. When Nero converts the video to an editable format it slows it down to border by body. I noticed that he lifted his entrance legs off the bottom and tucked it tightly subsequent to his physique and solely propelled himself ahead together with his again legs and tail, precisely like a crocodile. It was additionally the primary time that I’ve seen him wag his tail so slowly virtually like a cat does when he’s indignant. He additionally turned from orange to white as if he was overheating and I might see from meters away how his coronary heart was racing. Should you havent seen the harm an iguana can do to a human then right here is the photographs: http://reptile-parrots.com/forums/showthread.php?114-Male-Iguana-Bite-wounds-Very-graphic Sunday morning, after I jumped within the bathe I heard my telephone ringing… I by no means get to have a peaceable bathe! I grabbed the towel rapped it round me (a inexperienced one) and one other round my hair and ran to the lounge. Craig was on the opposite facet complaining as a result of he cant discover the issues on my listing. Whereas speaking to him I noticed Forest within the lounge and went to fetch his meals for him (I do know he doesn’t eat throughout breeding season however you by no means know). I went again into the lounge, attempting to determine precisely what Craig was complaining about and after I circled (thank God I did) Forest was in full velocity charging at me! I simply left his meals on the chair and ran for the passage and closed the divider simply in time. I might really feel his breath on my naked heals! Thank heavens there’s a divider within the passage in any other case I might have been in hospital.

I obtained dressed however left the towel round my head and recorded him for you. He was in a significantly better temper simply threatening me. This can be a territorial assault and never breeding season craziness. 😉 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pt1H9E5raTU My day by day wrestle throughout breeding season: http://reptile-parrots.com/forums/showthread.php/278-Male-Iguana-Breeding-Season