Taming and socializing your iguana

I need to assist you socialize your iguana. (Take observe, I didn’t use tame – an undomesticated animal won’t ever be tame – though we communicate like that.)
I introduced my boy dwelling when he was 5 days previous. He was as huge as my thumb!

His first cage:
It was just one.5 meters large and a couple of meters excessive. It had a thick department and vegetation inside to present him safety and make him really feel near his pure setting. The cage was already operating for per week earlier than I introduced him dwelling.
> I positioned his cage within the lounge the place he may see the television however nonetheless distant from excessive human site visitors.

> I lined Three sides of the cage to make him really feel safer and it actually did assist.

> I left him utterly alone for two weeks in order that he may settle in, plus see us shifting round, watching television and many others. however not work together with him.

Dealing with:
For my part ROUTINE is of the up most significance. Your iguana will get used to it very quick – he is aware of what to anticipate and consider it or not, he is aware of precisely at what time as properly. He’ll begin to belief the routine and within the course of begin to belief you. Do precisely the identical, on precisely the identical time on every day.
All the time transfer extraordinarily gradual, speak very softly and in a sort method and do all of it whereas smiling. Your iguana will watch your face very intently and he’ll observe and begin to know you. If he needs to style you then permit him to with out being fearful. It’s a GOOD signal.
Other than routine the second factor that was essential between me and forest was my palms. I taught him to know what my palms imply and to belief my palms. Sounds unusual, however consider me it labored and I gained his belief very quick.

Day 15:
I opened his cage within the morning and mentioned Good Morning like I did every day once I introduced his meals and contemporary water. I held my one hand behind my again and confirmed him the opposite hand and positioned his meals down on the bottom. (Not on a ledge on the high as a result of it dried out to quick.) He would simply stare at me and never transfer an inch like he did the earlier two weeks.
I had all his meals and nasturtium rising in my backyard a month earlier than I introduced him dwelling. With my one hand nonetheless behind my again, I confirmed him the opposite hand and I picked up his yellow flower and slowly moved my hand in direction of him. At this stage he sat up, I saved on shifting slowly in direction of him and informed him ‘yum-yum’. He began reversing and I lowered my hand once more and positioned the flower again in his dish. Closed his cage and left him alone.
17:00 The identical day. I opened his cage mentioned Halo and bla-bla, as soon as once more holding my one hand behind my again and displaying him the opposite. I had one other flower in my hand and slowly moved my hand in direction of him. He LOVES yellow nasturtium flowers! He sat up and I nonetheless moved nearer. I ended when he began reversing and left it for later.
19:00 The identical day. I did precisely the identical as 17:00 and received the very same outcomes from him.
I saved this routine, displaying him one hand whereas hiding the opposite. Bringing my hand nearer till he begins reversing after which backed down. This occurred for 4.1 days x 3 + 1 occasions a day = 13.
Day 20:
17:00 My boy determined that he needed the flower. I moved my hand nearer and nearer and he didn’t reverse! He took the flower! The identical occurred at 19:00.
Day 25:
I saved the morning and 17:00 routine unchanged.
19:00 I opened his cage, gave him a bit of fruit! The shock on his face was sooo valuable! At first he didn’t know if he ought to reverse or if he ought to strive it out, I took the wind out of his sails! He tasted – tasted and determined to not belief it. I then swopped it for the flower once more and he gladly took it.
Day 26: 19:00 He took the piece of fruit.
Day 27:
I saved the morning and 17:00 routine unchanged.
19:00. All the time displaying him just one hand I provided him one other sort of fruit and he took it. This time nevertheless, I didn’t shut his cage. I acted as if I forgot and sat down to observe television. With the lights of his cage reflecting on the television I may clearly see what he was doing with out taking a look at him. He was, amazed, shocked, not sure however I will not say that he was afraid. (I depart all my cages open as a result of I need my animals to really feel part of the family and never as if they’re locked up.)
I repeated the routine – together with leaving his cage door open at 19:00 for the next Four days. I reckoned that it took him Four days earlier than he took the flower so I’ll hold to that.
Day 31:

19:00. One hand behind my again, displaying the opposite I gave him his flower. Whereas consuming it I lifted my hand in direction of him once more however with nothing inside. He was shocked and didn’t know what to anticipate. I stroked him simply behind his head. He realized what was happening and began reversing. I ended and backed down. By day 33 I received it proper to stroke him comfortably with out him displaying any response.
Day 34:
I attempted to stroke him within the morning however didn’t succeed. Tried once more at 17:00 and 19:00 with no issues. (Till at the moment my boy isn’t a morning individual and needs to be left alone within the mornings – we’ve this understanding.)
I saved to this routine for per week to verify he’s 100% comfy with me stroking him.

Day 40:
19:00. After the flower and stroking I confirmed him my second hand and he instantly took discover of it. I introduced each palms in direction of him, palms dealing with up and he confirmed no response till I moved my hand in beneath him. He began reversing and I backed down, positioned my hand behind my again and stroked him with the opposite hand. Now he knew that 2 palms imply one thing is certainly going to occur!
Day 46:
19:00. He didn’t reverse once I confirmed him each palms and I picked him up. I turned him in direction of my face and softly informed him what an enormous boy he was and I then positioned him again on his department.
Day 47:
17:00 I used to be so enthusiastic about my progress of the day prior to this that I couldn’t wait till 19:00 to strive it once more. It didn’t work, the second he noticed each my palms he began reversing. I broke the principles and paid for it for two days!
Day 49 – 56:
I all the time saved the morning routine the identical and after day 47 additionally saved the 17:00 routine strictly to giving fruit and a stroke – nothing else.
19:00. He didn’t reverse when he noticed each palms and I may decide my boy up with no issues. I liked it and I felt soooo trusted.
Day 57:
19:00. I picked my boy up and moved away from his cage. He began wiggling, tail whipping and scratching. I didn’t put him again in his cage as a result of I knew that if I did it could imply that I might be 20 steps backwards. I elevated my maintain till he calmed down and I turned him in direction of my face and talked to him softly and calmly. He began stress-free after which began up once more. Each time that he wiggled I elevated my maintain after which relaxed once more when he calmed down.
I went to take a seat within the toilet and positioned him on my lap. He was blown over – new setting, new smells and many others. It took him virtually 10 minutes earlier than he climbed off my lap and began exploring the toilet. It was unimaginable, he regarded so however scared in a method. I held out some fruit for him however he wasnt . We sat there for nearly an hour, it felt fantastic to present my boy a bit little bit of freedom and to let him see that I’m not going to maintain him locked up for the remainder of his life.
Day 57 – 117:
I saved to this routine of sitting within the toilet for two months. He began approaching me once I held out fruit or a flower and ate it out of my hand.
Day 90:

He didn’t wiggle, tail whip or something once I moved away from the cage. I used to be over the moon.
Day 118 and on:
We trusted one another sufficient to maneuver from the toilet to the bed room. He liked having the liberty to discover and style and see new issues. Now and again I might go and decide him up and place him again on my lap. I might then stroke him and he actually appeared to adore it. After some time he would climb off once more and discover.
I additionally walked with him via the home and allowed him to style all the pieces, ‘climb the partitions’ and many others. however I didn’t put him down wherever however within the bed room.
2 September 2008:
My most REWARDING iguana day ever! Forest climbed on high of me by himself! I stroked him and he stretched out and fell asleep.
The digital camera flash woke him up, however discover how relaxed he was: http://reptile-parrots.com/forums/showthread.php?120-Taming-and-Socializing-your-Iguana

Now you know the way I received my iguana to cease operating and to begin trusting me. I’ve a really particular bond with him and there’s mutual belief and respect between us. He’s my greatest buddy.

I hope that this may assist any individual.

Aspect observe:
I cried many-many occasions throughout the yr of ‘taming’ Forest. I felt like a failure, considering that I should be doing one thing mistaken or that Forest hates me and can NEVER belief me. It was a really laborious time and my arms have been scratched throughout, it regarded as if I had it in a shredder! It’s essential to additionally not chase your iguana round IN his enclosure, the trick is to maneuver in and take him BEFORE he has time to react. For those who hesitate as soon as then it’s too late and he’ll run such as you’ve by no means seen an animal run earlier than! THEY ARE SUPER FAST!!! It was Three dangerous days, catching crocodile rolls after which 1 good day making up for it once more. Taming an iguana is actually 1 step ahead 2 steps again and if you don’t really feel annoyed and like a failure throughout the course of THEN you’re doing one thing mistaken OR your iguana is ailing. It additionally took a HUGE chunk out of my household life, sitting alone with him for an hour every day for a yr. Everyone else have been watching television and chatting about their day and I used to be caught within the toilet and bed room alone with Forest FOR A YEAR.
It was price it and I’ll do it yet again! At present the vets and everyone that meets him calls him pet tame and I’m very happy with him. He loves my firm and seeks me out at night time after we get dwelling, he’ll clime on my lap or generally simply lay by my ft on a heat water bottle. I like him with all my coronary heart.